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  • Come to Avalon, come to yourself

Holistic Counseling and Therapy

The foundation of counseling and therapy in Avalon, lies within yourself.

Avalon embraces the wisdom and sciences of past and present. Psychology, physiotherapy, biology, and the spiritual traditions, like Kabbalah, have proven their richness in wisdom and their deep insights through many centuries.

This is the reason that we bring these disciplines together in Avalon, for they provide methods and teachings which benefit our human condition.

Through the Hero’s Journey and the Tree of Life do we guide and counsel you in your personal life (on all levels)!

Workshops and Activities

In Avalon we offer different workshops, lectures and activities, about consciousness and self- development.

We make use of themes that come out of mythological sources, like the Hero’s Journey and the Round Table of King Arthur and the Grail.

These courses or workshops are more than informative, as we work with you towards a personal experience! Besides, that is what myths do anyway: they wake up the inner life.

You will go through the journey, along the theme of the myth and symbols themselves. Avalon takes you on that path in- and through yourself!

On this path lies a treasure of inner knowledge and wisdom. We give our workshops and lectures on different locations and for many different groups of people.

Western Esoteric Tradition

The Western Esoteric Tradition is the spiritual tradition of the Western world.

Within this tradition we find several disciplines, like Kabbalah, Hermetica, Alchemy, Tarot, Astrology, and the legends and myths of the Western world.

I was trained by many masters and adepts in these traditions in the UK. As is traditonal in these circles, I do see it as my task to teach others who care about this wisdom.

Through workshops, lectures, services and individual counseling and teaching, do I transmit this knowledge.

My intention is to guide you to become more conscious of who you are, but also about this (your) world, and how to live in it.

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