Most of human behavior is dependent on “punishment or reward”, and as a good citizin of the world, you should strife for success and avoid failure. For a moment you could replace “success and failure” on the postsign, for “punishment and reward”. It is the main driving force in our psychology and emotional life. We correspond in that sense to an immense degree to what others think about us (“what will the neighbours think”?) and what the expectations are of society. Think about it… what are your motivations today? even making money (which is the main activity of a human life) is about reward.

Failure has become a “no-go” as it slows us down, is bad for our reputation, gets us fired, gives us low self-esteem etc. Failure is a perspective on life which is very personal and relative (as is reward!). A good failure may teach you more than average success. Although 99% of the people on the above road will choose for “reward” (success), it will not always lead to improvement, growth and development, wellbeing, fulfillment….

Failure is the path towards learning- if you are able to see “your growth is where you stumble”!

Failure cultivates courage, stamina, trust, confidence and a greater sense of reality!

Failure brings us (back) to common sense!

If today you “fail” in something or are punished for something, see your opportunities and the conditions for growth and development!

I wish you a day full of succes in failing! Mike