A peculiar thing is going on! Did you notice? There are certain tendencies in the world that wish to work against integration, synthesis, wholeness, cooperation and therefore against a future for humans, nature and the earth itself. Peculiar thing indeed, that we would wish to sabotage ourselves and the world we live in and compromise life. This tendency comes from a very limited consciousness of self-preservation, leading to a “survival of the fittest” society among humans, and the exploitation of the rest of nature. Slowly, this might end up well for the (physical) strong ones, but it is definitely leading us to a degradation of the individual and the collective of human society as a whole.

Our body demonstrates very well that health, wellbeing, development etc. are conditions, coming from a constant cooperation, integration and synthesis of cells, tissues, organs and organsystems. ONLY then can an organism come to a state of true living, but even more, to a situation of caring about other creatures and situations. Again, imagine that the body would not integrate, unite and cooperate any more (what we call disease)… Comparable to an anti-globalization of the organs! You would not be happy at all! As this principle works in our inner nature, so it does in outer nature and circumstances around us. Think about it if you wish! Meanwhile, I wish you health and prosperity on all levels!! Mike

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