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     Our watches and clocks are the timekeepers of the day. Who could do without? Each day is organized and re-organized around our sense of time. Every moment is conditioned by an experience of time; every morning you wake up and start your routine, based upon your experience of time. From that personal relation to time, comes the way you “time” things and accordingly you are able to make an order and schedule life.

“Time makes us to experience things seperately from each other… prevents us to experience all happening at the same “time”!

Our scheduled time is mainly psychological time, an anticipation of actions that fit into a frame of time (like a minute, hour day etc.) but remains personal, subjective and related to the circumstances of ones personal life. Check: does every day feel the same way? Does every day feel like it is as long or short as each other day? No, it doesn’t. Even more; dreamtime is similar to this, as your psyche constructs images, stories, events and developments according to your personal memories…. YOUR DREAM IS A PERSONAL MYTH!

What about the clockwork of the body? As the psyche- mind is the “timekeeper” of a virtual, subtle and symbolic world, so the physical body is the timekeeper of the physical world. Like a drum, “tick, tick, tick” every cell, tissue, organ, organsystem etc. has its own rhythm and keeps track of time. That sense of time is very old: a clock that ticks as long as this phenomenal- physical body exists! Therefore, it knows very well how to keep track of time… and it beats several rhythms at the same time… a master drumplayer in independence!

This is a BIO- CLOCK and not a deterministic mechanism! It anticipates, adjusts, senses, alters, feels, contemplates, palpates, communicates, interacts, “thinks” and makes connections all the TIME. The body is a consciousness- vehicle in time and space and is here to keep track of time, as long as we live in this body. Another beautifull thing is that the body- time is in conformity with the external nature clockwork. Have you noticed? How seasons keep track of time… light and darkness keeps track of time…? and how your body repsonds ans reacts to this?

Keep track of time in the body. Let not time TAKE YOU AWAY. The body is always NOW- a spiritual vehicle in time! Be less in the head and more in the body.

I wish you a wonderful TIME.