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Live your own Myth?!

How do you this? What is a myth anyway?

It is a story, often based on semi- historical facts, folklore and metaphysics from different cultures. Above all, a myth is a story that comes from the deep unconscious and carries power and wisdom. To see these stories as just bedtime stories and childish fantasy would be a mistake.

Of course it may sound illogical to our normal way of thinking, but it would be a waste to therefore dismiss the myth altogether. To understand the language of the myth, we need to listen and speak the tongue of the unsconscious, emotional and symbolic world. Besides, this language communicates to us during our dreams, transmitting to us, messages of a mythological order. The myth instructs us and has a pedagogical function. Myth gives meaning to us: it teaches us about understanding, morality, wisdom, emotions, love and hate, justice, compassion etc. 

The myth opens our inner world of experience and introduces our own, innate wisdom! Some adults are aware of this and raise their children with this consciousness. But also for the adult it is important not to exclude the myth from our lives. That why my question to you: who do you wish to be or where does your path lead towards?

Do you wish to be the Hero in your own story, making your own decisions? The myth can help you with this.

By identifying and living in accordance with a mythological theme, you (re)find a personal path, that takes you along your inner motivations, fate and calling! It is living an authentic live, in accord with your own integrity and destiny. This, instead of letting the unconscious of somebody/ something else lead your life!  Through the myth, we can recognize those parts in ourselves that need guidance and healing.

The Myth heals, makes “whole” and gives direction. Wat do you need? Shall I help you discovering your mythological theme?

Via een vriend kwam ik bij Avalon terecht in 2015 en heb daar in een aantal sessies gewerkt met de mythe van Koning Arthur en de Ronde Tafel. Ik had nooit gedacht dat het zo’n effect zou kunnen hebben op me. Nog steeds werk ik met de mythe en het het helpt me nog iedere dag!

Robin T. SoestVia een vriend...

De mythe gaf mij weer een duidelijk doel voor ogen. Het heeft me ook laten zien dat ik zelf keuzes moet maken en dat dat goed is.

De Mythe is voor mij niet meer weg te denken uit mijn dagelijkse leven. Dank je!

Esther (Utrecht)

Super! Mike heeft echt ontzettend veel kennis van de mens en zijn begeleiding is echt uniek door de methode van de Heldenreis. De sessies hebben me geholpen maar ook veel inspiratie gegeven!

Suzanne (Zeist)

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