Released on the 18th of March, a Kabbalistic work that connects the age-old disciplines of physics and metaphysics. This book has developed after years of teaching workshops and courses on Kabbalah and science. These metaphysical and physical streams of thought come together in these pages, continuously in pursuit of the inner experience and consciousness of the soul. They explore who we are and attempt to unravel the questions of life with a fascination and humbleness for the mystery that underlies all things. Within this book the mystical- scientific exploration continuous as these disciplines engage, support and challenge each other. This book has been written in order that we may receive inner experiences and that new questions arise on the path ahead. The endeavour to come closer to the ground of all being unveils a mystery that has fascinated humanity for thousands of years. 

Therefore this is the first of a series of books that explores, connects and unifies Kabbalah and science.

Mike Bais, born and living in Holland is by profession a physiotherapist and a teacher in university for medical and paramedical studies. He has run his practice for almost 18 years where he gives counseling & healings in a holistic way. His center is called circle of Avalon being a school of the western esoteric tradition and Toledano Kabbalah in particular. He is an initiate in these traditions and a teacher. Besides, he was ordained as a priest in the Gnostic-Christian lore. From circle of Avalon he teaches Kabbalah, esoteric Christianity and the myth of the Round Table and the Grail. He is the founder of the Companions of the Round Table in Holland.

You can order the book through (costs 18,- euro excl. porto). It is also for sale on many national and international sellers.

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