Kabbalah and the Quest for the Grail

Course Kabbalah & the Quest for the Grail -Mon 29Aug to Tue 30Aug 2022 (Hawkwood College Stroud, UK)

An experiential course

Facilitator: Mike Bais
In this course we will explore through theory and practice, the metaphysics of Kabbalah in relation to the rich inner mythology of the Round Table and the Quest for the Grail. These two traditions will cross-fertilise each other during this dynamic course. We will integrate theory and practice and perform accessible rituals for everyone to truly experience the way of Kabbalah and the Grail Myth. It will be a personal journey into ourselves as the Round Table and Kabbalah are eventually about our inner life.

Event time: Mon 29th Aug 2022 at 4:00pm – Tue 30th Aug 2022 at 4:00pm

At a Glance
• Tune into to the myth of the Round Table on a personal level
• Integrate Kabbalah and the Round Table as both being a ‘School of the Soul’
• Direct experience of the Round Table myth & Kabbalah

What You will Gain
• Greater understanding and insights into the legend of the Round Table, the Grail and Kabbalah (Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder)
• Self-knowledge through the Kabbalah and this Legend-Myth
• Learning more about the psychological and metaphysical structures in Kabbalah & the Round Table
• Practical application of the way of the Round Table and Kabbalah in your personal life and the world of today

Context and background
The Round Table and the Grail is the most complete myth the West has as a culture. This myth and legend is old and has received many influences from many different authors, speaking its own wisdom language ever since. Kabbalah (Toledano) is an ancient tradition that contains the metaphysical teachings, within the diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder, to explain mythological concepts and make them real in our personal world of experience. Myth, like dreams, has always been a mystery for most of mankind. It talks through metaphor, symbol, analogy and the heart. To participate in the myth is to participate in the mysterious world of dreams and the imagination. It is sometimes said, “Myth is something that never happened and is always happening.”

Join us in this dynamic course, where we will work with old texts, poetry, meditations and some practice, to express the Round Table and Grail in and through our own being. The Kabbalah and the Round Table in this course will reveal what it means to be present and working in a School of the Soul. If you wish to live your life according to Wisdom tradition(s) like Kabbalah & the Round Table and Grail, this course might be something for you.

For more information contact mikebais@rocketmail.com

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