place of meetingAlmost three years ago, I have formed a group of Round Table companions. Knights and Ladies of Camelot who gather to meditate, perform rituals and study, discuss and learn from the great myth of the Round Table and the Grail. This initiative is part of the Circle of Avalon- a school of the soul that teaches three lineages: Toledano Kabbalah, Round Table mythology and the teachings of Christ (A.S.A.) Apostolic Succession of Arimathea. These are not separate by any means and blend effortlessly into each other during our meetings. Round Table gatherings were there for centuries, are here today all over the planet and will exist in the furture. This is because the metaphysical and archetypal wisdom and ideas are universal and timeless. The Round Table & the Grail romances are esoteric teachings for those who can discover the metaphor and deep symbolic references. These stories are all about the human being in the 21st century (and beyond). It was once said that a myth is ‘something that never happened but happens all the time’. To live a myth is to re-discover the intimate relationship with our inner wisdom that prevades the universe. The myth moves us from the inside-out, instructing us about the deep questions that concern us.
The Round Table will continue as the Great Work of transformation continues & the search for the Holy Grail or the Presence of God-

All companions have their place at the Table

Round Table


Let me share with you the sacred work of Tree-building or making a Kabbalistic Tree of Life or Jacobs ladder. It is easily said that something is ‘sacred’, using spiritual language that sounds very interesting. Yet, in this demanding and dedicated work of Tree-building, we generate a symbol from ourselves that litteraly comes out of Nothing (void on the canvas). This symbol is the Kabbalistic master glyph that expresses the Divine, Cosmos, psyche and physical realms or the worlds of Aziluth, Briah, Yezirah and Assiah. All these worlds and what they symbolize (Divinity, Archangels, Angels and the physical-natural worlds) flow out of your pencils and brushes. I have (again) experienced how it is the observing consciousness that is the ‘doer’ of the proces. We are moved by these inner works that are directed on physical objects. The worlds mentioned above become alive through us and find their way eventually in the manifested world of matter. God-Who-is becomes manifested and known through us.
This mystcal work of Tree-building is not just beautiful to do but brings an exceptional joy and peace from start to finish.
When the work of drawing, measuring, painting and sowing is done, the true work begins when applying the four worlds into my daily affairs again-

Grace to you all