Workshop Hero’s Journey

Quest of the Hero in daily life

Facilitator: Mike Bais

In this interactive course we will explore through theory and practice, the way of mythology. What are the messages of the myths and legends of the world? How can we apply the wisdom that is deeply present in these stories? These and many more questions will be answered during this course.

Camelot in Nature- Mike Bais

Event time: Mon 22nd May 2023 at 4:00pm – Tue 23rd May 2023 at 4:00pm

At a Glance
• Explore the wisdom of myths and legends
• Reconnect with your own life-story
• Discover your destiny and purpose
• Meet other like-minded souls on the Hero’s path

Participants Will Gain
• Direct experience of the wisdom of mythology
• Insights and visions in your own life
• Appreciation for creation and the cosmos as a whole
• Inspiration coming from your own inner journey
• Practical tools for living your own myth and life-story

The work of Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell was a professor of mythology. He saw that myths all over the world were universal and contained the timeless wisdom of the cosmos and the collective unconscious of humanity. In a very simple and easy to understand form called the Hero’s Journey, the knowledge of the myth will explain itself to us and give us guidance, instructions and insights into life in general and into our personal lives.
The Hero’s Journey
The Hero’s Journey is a philosophical and psychological quest into ourselves, finding ways of living in this world, discovering our destiny and purpose or receiving answers to many personal questions that we have in life.
Many people ask themselves how to live in this world and how to find fulfillment. The way of myth and living according to your own mythological story, will bring you closer to these answers. Let us go into that adventure together, where our own life-story becomes our personal myth and our dreams become reality. Anyone is welcome on this course.

Hawkwood College
Hawkwood is a stunning Grade II listed 19th Century country house, surrounded by 42 acres of sustainably managed woodland, farmland, and gardens. Set in the heart of the Cotswolds – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – it is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With a diverse selection of nearly 150 courses, there’s plenty to choose from, including courses in transformative leadership, future thinking, inner life, music and the arts. Our programme of courses is led by experienced tutors and leaders in their fields.
Additional Activities
• Mindful walking through our woodland trails
• Meditate in our Woodland Sanctuary
• Go on a hike and explore the Cotswolds AONB
• Discover surrounding charming market towns
Price Options
£165 Non-Residential
£195 Residential Shared
£215 Residential Single
£ 100.00

Mike Bais

Mike Bais, born and living in the Netherlands, is by profession a physiotherapist and a teacher in University for Medical and Therapeutic Studies. He has run his practice for over 20 years where he gives counselling and therapy from a holistic perspective. He teaches the esoteric ways of the West through his School of the Soul, called: ‘Circle of Avalon’, in particular the tradition of Kabbalah (Toledano). He has written many articles on the subject and is the author of the two books: “A Kabbalistic View on Science (part 1 & 2)”. He is currently writing a beginners guide to Kabbalah for Watkins Books, London.
Mike is part of the Kabbalah Society, he is an official tutor of the Toledano Kabbalah tradition. He is an ordained priest in the mystical ways of Christ, called the A.S.A. (Apostolic Succession of Arimathea). He also leads a group called the ‘Companions of the Round Table’, following the myth and legend of King Arthur.
Mike has been teaching in Hawkwood College since 2016, delivering courses on Kabbalah.

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