Sacred Mass 2020

Holy Mass- Mike Bais

Christmas 2020 A.S.A. Apostolic Succession of Arimathea

This year we celebrated the Holy Mass in the Birth of Light on friday morning the 25th of December. Although the cosmic cycle of light is moving throughout the year, the Divine Light of the Christ was never born and therefore doesn’t move and shall never die. We remembered the Light of Christ that came into the world as a metaphor- for it is we that become awake to that Light instead of that Light be born within us. Nevertheless, Christmass is the reception of this fruit in our own womb (being), receiving it like a mother receives her child and conceive it within gratitude and wonder. When the Light is born we become filled with all the virtues of the Tree of Life. “The Light becomes the Word and the Word becomes Flesh” as was read this day in the Gosel of John (probably the most mystical of all four Canonical Gospels).
This means in esoteric symbolism, that the Light (God) does not only create the world(s) but also becomes the world(s). The body that you are living within is a creation (flesh) out of (and within) the Light of God.
The Word is the Logos or the Christ, Who is the Immanent Presence of God the Transcendent. The Word or Logos and the flesh are one and the same. The One Who creates is the One Who becomes.
The Light of God unfolds moment by moment…….now….now…. let us not speak of God in the past and future tense only, but more and more in the present.

Please check the website of (A.S.A.) and the activities for the (on-line) Sacred Mass.

+Mike Bais, Utrecht (First Attending Priest)


Altar- Mike Bais

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