Kabbalah group 2021

Since 2009 I have run my Kabbalah group within the Toledano tradition. This group has lasted until this day and grew out to a mature vessel in order that it may receive from the Higher worlds. The Kabbalistic work is to ‘bring Heaven to earth’ and this is what a soul group within Kabbalah should do. After all these years the group has become semi-international and has reached its capacity with the number of people that participate in it.
Because there are more people interested in Kabbalah and looking for a group of like-minded souls (school of the Soul), I have decided to initiate a second group on the tuesday evenings where we will start with the metaphysics of the two main diagrams of the Toledano Kabbalah tradition: the Tree of Life and Jacobs Ladder. The evenings will consist of the great invocation and meditation, evaluation about the interior journey or meditation, the teaching of that particluar day (Kabbalistic theme), questions & answers and possibly a Kabbalistic prayer or small ritual.
These evenings will be held in the Dutch language. There are still some places left at this moment. In this blog I will post the details of the dates from January until June 2021. I would like to emphasize that this initiative is not a course, but an ungoing Kabbalistic group. Beginners and people that are already on the way are very welcome.

This new group will also be dedicated to my teacher Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi.

Kabbalah Januari – Juni 2021

• Day: tuesday
• Time: 19.30 – 21.30
• Contribution: 50,- euro
• Address: Engelsmanplaat 14, 3524 AZ Utrecht
• Data: 12-01/26-01/09-02/23-02/09-03/23-03/ 06-04/20-04/04-05/18-05/01-06/15-06/29-06/13-07

Mike Bais

Kabbalah preparations

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