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Sacred Mass 2020

Christmas 2020 A.S.A. Apostolic Succession of Arimathea This year we celebrated the Holy Mass in the Birth of Light on friday morning the 25th of December. Although the cosmic cycle of light is moving throughout the year, the Divine Light of the Christ was never born and therefore doesn’t move and shall never die. We […]

Kabbalah group 2021

Since 2009 I have run my Kabbalah group within the Toledano tradition. This group has lasted until this day and grew out to a mature vessel in order that it may receive from the Higher worlds. The Kabbalistic work is to ‘bring Heaven to earth’ and this is what a soul group within Kabbalah should […]

Round Table meeting

Almost three years ago, I have formed a group of Round Table companions. Knights and Ladies of Camelot who gather to meditate, perform rituals and study, discuss and learn from the great myth of the Round Table and the Grail. This initiative is part of the Circle of Avalon- a school of the soul that […]

Building the Tree of Life

Let me share with you the sacred work of Tree-building or making a Kabbalistic Tree of Life or Jacobs ladder. It is easily said that something is ‘sacred’, using spiritual language that sounds very interesting. Yet, in this demanding and dedicated work of Tree-building, we generate a symbol from ourselves that litteraly comes out of […]